Linux Friends Advanced Class 2017

Students of the advanced 

class come to school every day from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, they learn  following the program of the week, that is  maintainance of the computer network of the beginners class, Installations of Virtual Machines that runs on Raspberry Pi3 used by the beginners class, Checking of the solar system every morning before the begining of course for both beginners and advance class,  Preparation of hard ware to go out for demonstaration or presentation. Networking, Database Mysql, Php, Solar installations are courses of the Advance class. Presently there are two students in this class who have moved from the beginners class to the advance class. two teachers are taking care of this class.

IMG_20170621_114714 IMG_20170621_114716IMG_20170621_114714

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