Linux Friends And Active Space Buea

This event took place on the 08/07/2017 in First trust building Sopo Buea. This Workshop was to encourage young programmers to develop their ideas into desired dreams. This union is to create contact with other startups Beginners programmer and programmer to share their ideas.

Linux Friends made a demonstrate on wapapps access to enable every body connect with the phone, there was also a presentation on  Raspberry Pi3 touchcreen with ubumate installed  on it.

70% of the participants were young women. The idea of Pinet on Raspberry was so interesting as participants asked so many questions to know how it works on virtualization.
scaled1 IMAG0617 IMAG0618 IMG-20170708-WA0004


IMG-20170708-WA0001 IMG-20170708-WA0006

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