On the 18 of  January 2016 the Association of Linux Friend Mokindi received Mr. Peter Schneider, Mm Eva and Mrs Veronica from Switzerland which was followed with an introduction of trainers to the guest. on the 19 of January 2016 the guest who visited SEMME arrive at the school campus after which they had a meeting with the trainers and trainees of the association of Linux,this meeting which started exactly at 12:20pm was followed by a welcome song by the trainees to the guest after which madam Rachel gave a brief introduction about the school and later on the guest asked some questions which were answered by one of the trainers, after the responds to the question, the guest also sang a short sweet swiss song,  which was followed by a series of photo shots that marked the end of the meeting.



The arrival of the visitors Monday 2:00pm

On Tuesday the 19th of January,the swiss friends were introduced to the trainees and trainers of the Association of Linux Friends.There was  a welcome song from the students followed by a song from the swiss friends to the association after which room was given for questions to both the trainees and the swiss friends.Later snapshots were taken with the association and the swiss friends to mark the events of this great day.


Tuesday  picture with the trainers and trainees and the Swiss visitors

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