Holiday Classes 2016

The Association offers courses for pupils during the summer

holidays.  The classes started in  the Month of June and  will ends in August. Programs like computer Awareness is introduced to help the pupils know how the computer is functioning, Libre Office Writer to help them know how to type a letter, open Calc to help them know how to calculate using a computer, Open impress for them to carry out presentations.

GCOMPRISE to help the pupils play Educative games for instance train them on how to use the mouse, keyboard and also to make the pupils feel comfortable with the lessons.

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So far  we have  11 pupil for holiday classes. Their ages is from 6 years old to 16 years old, they are from different schools and will be going back to their schools from the months of September.

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All the teachers are there , and ready to listen and help the students in any difficulties they face.


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