Report of the installation of Pinet Server at MINTECLC BILINGUAL PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE IN KUMBA


IMG_20161022_114552 IMG_20161022_114559 IMG_20161022_114559(1) IMG_20161022_114814 IMG_20161022_114814(1)
Linux Friends represented by Michel Pauli,  Kah Rachel, Lucius Bachmann, Ngainku Pauli Chanceline arrived Kumba at 7:00am on the 22-10-2016. In this institution the Server was running on  x2go,  was now change to Pinet Server.  At the beginning we installed one client, then all cables were check, all keyboard, mouse and Monitors check. And 5 Raspberry pi was replaced with Raspberry pi2 brought from the Association of Linux Friends.

Video courses was presented to Mr Neba on Scribus, user names for all clients  was given to him. 3 Pinet  clients are currently running on the Pinet Server. Two Pinet  monitors had no alimentation, so two clients are not working because of no power to the monitors.

Kah Rachel now explain how the Pinet Server works.

IMG_20161022_121842 IMG_20161022_121852

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