Wikitone Douala visit to Linux Friends Limbe

On Saturday the 12/11/2016 Wikotone of Douala visited the Association of Linux Friends Limbe to encourage the Youths around Limbe to contribute in the development of wikipedia and wikimedia.

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to say there is not only wikipedia, but there are other things to bring information, so we all have things to contribute. It is important to put images and informations on wikipedia, it is the greatest encycopedia in the world. It is created in 2001, the English version has 5000,000articles, the French version have only 1million articles, it has 2085 languages. But we do not have it in the local language in Cameroon. It is the most visited in the world, it is a place to be when you need information, or to be known. We need to create content in Africa, by African, most content are created by tourist.

Who can talk about your language, culture, eating habit, dressing style better than you.

African people need to know their realities, their culture, and many other.

Wikipedia is about the text, it has a brother project, it has so many projects, there are -wikisources in wikipedia.

  • we used wikipedia to search
  • to learn
  • one information = to one source
  • references and sources is very important for writing articles
  • structure your articles with sources of information, in your own words.
  • sources can come from websites, news papers, books, etc

Wikimedia commons la mediatheque libre, it exist since 2004, all pictures are put in wikimedia and intergrated.

Wikisource, la bibliotheque libre. It exit since 2003.

wikitionnaire, le dictionnaire multilingue et libre, give meaning of words, phonetics of words, all uses of words, translations of words in other languages


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