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Linux Friends is located in the neighborhood called Mokindi Village. The Association has a very conducive and enjoyable facilities for computer training. This institution by virtue of its name 'Linux' portrays a clear sign to indicate that its aim is to teach members how to use the Linux Operating System. The Association has all the characteristics which could be found in other learning institution.

Also members here ranges from all age groups: children, teenagers and adults. The training section of this institution has a well confined and ventilated classroom equipped with good and modern (LCD's)flat-screen computers using the German keyboard. The provision of these computers makes it easier for the process of learning to occur. The training periods are divided into two sessions; the first session begins from 10:00am to 1:00pm

While the second from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Classes are carried out five times a week that is from Mondays to Fridays

Lectures are been carried out using a projector which projects the lessons such as; impress, computer awareness, spreadsheet(calc), hyper text markup language(html), writer, typing etc. This association holds strongly to it's South African appellation called UBUNTU meaning solidarity. Every morning before the class begins all the members sit and plan for the day, after association each day all the members and teachers evaluate the activities of the day.

Moreso, the presence of internet which facilitate reseach for members. Even in the absence of light, the association makes good use of the solar energy working with 12volt computers and bulbs. We want to thank our proprietor Mr. Pauli Michel Raymond and wife Mrs Pauli Ngainku Chanceline for thier tremendous effort which has today made us to become computer literate. After working so hard they relax as you can see on the picture below, we can also see Princes Gracious one of the youngest Linux Friend

We also want to thank the people in Switzerland and other part of the world who are helping us through the Association of Linux Friends Limbe that is materially and financially.

We the members of The Association of Friends are very happy because indeed the association has really improved our level of computer education and we also have to understand that we are living in a computerize world. In the association, we make good use of the German key board, projector, printing, photocopy ,and scanning machine. We also have well trained and qualified teachers .

  1. Vanessa Asomugha
  2. Becky Mbah
  3. Eposi Ngale
  4. Bisi Ngale
  5. Brighton Junior
  6. Pauline Nanyongo
  7. Done by Killeng Styve
  8. Alami Angel
  9. Monjoua Cecilia
  10. Ndum Velda
  11. Boris Asangbeng
  12. Nguti Esther

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