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The entire population of Limbe II assembled on the ceremonial ground at 12:00pm in Limbola Council Hall. This comprised mostly of Youth Groups, associations like the Association of Linux Friends Limbe, and Political groups remarkably the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement (C.P.D.M). At 1:30pm.

At 2:30pm, the Senior Divisional Officer (S.D.O) for Fako arrived and immediately the Cameroon National Anthem was sung by students of Government High School Batoke Limbe. After the Anthem, was a hand shake/introduction of council members by the Divisional Officer for Limbe II sub-Division. The population of Limbe rose for a word of prayer where the Pastor thanked God Almighty for jouney mercies for all those who came from far and near to witness the occasion.

Then came a welcome song from students of Government High School Batoke Limbe. They welcomed the S.D.O and the entire population. They paid allegiance to the Head of State President Paul Biya for maintaining a long lasting Peace, and Freedom of Speech in Cameroon. They crowned the song by telling the population to put their trust in God. The song went thus "I know the plans i have foryou, plans to prosper you declares the Lord".

After this welcome song came a speech from the Mayor of Limbe II Municipality in the person of Mr. Molindo Duncan who said the people of Limbe II are happy that the S.D.O chose their municipality for an occasion like this. This will present an opportunity for them to present their problems to the Government. The Mayor told the S.D.O of the fast growing population of the Municipality, the touristic sites, and that the coming of Chantier Naval and the extension of SO.NA.RA that is the Refinery has created many job opportunities. He thanked the Government for the creation of a Police post at Mokundange to solve the problem of criminality. He comented on the road network that is in a very bad state thus leading to loss of many lives, insufficient water supply is another major problem in his municipality with the growing population. Before he concluded, the Mayor told the S.D.O that some chiefs around the SO.NA.RA area are not happy for they have not benefitted Royalties from the refinery. He pleaded that the S.D.O should look into this and provide a solution.

In responce to these, the S.D.O thanked the population for abandoning their duties to welcome him in the "New Limbe". He said it is his duty to tour round his jurisdiction. Cognizance of bad roads, insufficient water supply, and electricity, the S.D.O said he will do all he can to ensure a balance in the distribution of such social ammenities. He introduced his Etat Major and made mention of all places he stopped for a visit. He said the vast construction projects announced by the Head of State is really taking place in Limbe II that is the construction of an International Stadium at Ngeme, the new Cement Company at Ngeme, extension of the Refinery etc are a means of achieving the goal of an emerging economy by 2035.

The S.D.O frawned at the fact that some citizens have refused to do their duty of ensuring cleanliness. This is because, as he passed by, he saw some areas very dirty thus urging the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council to intensify clean-up campaign. It is a shame to see someone being forced to clean his/her environment he said.

He pleaded with the population to exploit the one month added to rush and register massively into the Electoral List as it is a Civil Right. He warned against illegal sale of land surrendered by the Cameroon Development Cooperation (C.D.C) by Chiefs for their selfish interests.The S.D.O asked all those who are living around the sea shore should evacuate the land before being forced to do so by the Government.

After the S.D.O's speech, the Chiefs of Limbe II presented a gift to the S.D.O but the content we don´t know. This was followed by general animation by various dance groups including the Association of Linux Friends Limbe this you can see in action.


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