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After seeing the situation,  next steps

Short term

It exist already a network with a big content, to really use this network we need a school


The center as an Informatics school
Program for


People  with no experience
children, basic like typing writing letter,  table calculation,  orientation,  html basic

Advanced level:

After beginner the people can learn:

E-learning software:

We could help all our causes are on a raspberry as web applications we can sell it cheap,  but the course should develop so not only consume,  but develop it


To show to the people what we can do with it,  we make workshop where we present some possibilities. Like everywhere else  the goal should be after the demonstration find some interesting people who will be active and continue.

What we can do now


What is robotic demonstration


How to make a card of your region

How to make a microscope with a computer and a USB camera

List can be develop…

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Wikipedia local

Beside Wikipedia Rachel develop a local knowledge with very practical info where is hospital,  doctors especially traditional medicine history of this region integrate school teacher (what is more important to know the life of Louis 14 or history of slavery here in this time)
Development projects
Why bio-agriculture

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The main problem of the center now I’d energy: it is not stable it disturb to much and destroy the electronic. So we must solve this problem first with Solar energy


When container is there we install solar and we shoe to people of this region how to manage  a solar installation with the practice of installation and a crash course about they of solar duration 2 days at least 2 people at least one woman

To have a stable network, depending of solar material at least  5 working places for that 5 low power monitors

Other alternative energy

Biogas, wind…

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Internet Wi-Fi:

The development can really happen when information are flowing so first information locally,  build a Wi-Fi network hoer in the region especially Voip network,  so the people can communicate wth smartphone nearly for free

I have a friend who comes 1 october he could bring material tp limk at least  5 better 10 to cover this village


If fiber optic make an alternative to tel company we buy  from fiber optic and share on our Wi-Fi network

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Course online

Not only take course but we give course from here on intranet and internet

Install a Fablab with:
3f printing
Sew machine connected to computer
Electronic atelier where we make  Electronic circuit for  solar,  day night switch for light,
Robot in agriculture
Radio for the village

What we have now

Here in Bafang

~10 machines with very big contents Rachel -world possible) on Raspberry pi 3

Will to continue,  even if it was problems

Network from friends  who want to develop what is already here

So we can continue with mail chat…

Please add your mail and forward to all friends

Association Linux friends

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