Solar Installation In Campo 2018

 A team made up of five people, the Proprietor of Linux Friends, Mr. Michel Pauli, two students from Advanced Class,

Jarvis and Shandrine with two invited friends from Michel Mr. Henry and Mr. Jouselyn. This project was negotiated between Mr. Michel and Mr. Eno a Commissioner of Campo who agreed the terms of the project and the Proforma invoice which the Association presented to him. The Proforma invoice carried the list of the materials and the prices including the labour cost. On  Tuesday 13 March 2018, the team left the school at 6:00am in the Morning. Some of the materials and the tools were bought in Douala despite the fluctuation of the prices as compared to the same quality and quantity of materials that Michel usually import from China.



Arrival at WWF head office Campo

The team arrived Campo at 4:00pm in the evening we meet the project manager Mr. Eno who help  direct to Hotel Elad where we spend the night. The next day which was Wednesday  a Land Crusher carried us, on the way we came across obstacles, two trees which have fallen down across the road so we had to cut it before  driving across.


The land crusher drop us on the bridge from there we walk one hour, twenty  minutes with materials we carried.


Bridge to the camp


journey to the camp


We arrived the camp in the forest 2:00pm. The installation started by 2:30pm before 4:00pm in the evening, the team have already succeeded in installing the Solar Panel, the battery, an inverter, circuit breakers, and two 12v bulbs in one house. On the terms of the Project the installation was to be carried on three houses in the Camp but since the Commander of the camp who is in charge of tracking  the habituated Gorillas was very welcoming this made us to extend the installation to the fourth house, so totally the installation was carried out on four houses.


Entrance to the Camp.


partial view of the Camp
mounted solar panel on the roof
mounting the panel on the roof





 Technical concept of the installation.

We knew that we had to install solar in 3 houses with 3 bulbs each and  2 sockets in each room. But we did not know the distance between the houses and the budget was small, so  we decide to install panel,  battery, controller,  inverter in one room of the house, which has the most, sun. This house will have 3 bulbs 12 volts and 2 USB charger. The other 2 houses will be with 220 volts connected.
  Why this concept? 
1. We did not know the distance between the houses, so we can minimize the loss with 220 volts.
2. We can have light in the house where the panel, battery is,  without the inverter. Do not forget,  that the inverter use power even if nothing is loaded on it. So in case of period with no much sunshine, we can still work and have light to work.
So we begin to place the panel on the house in the middle.  As usual the most difficult job, but as we prepare the fixation already in Limbe we manage to do it,  even with to short lesser.  We first connect the battery, controller so the 12 volt circuit,  so we could have light to be able to continue the work,  do not forget half past six it begins to be dark and the time  the first lamps were already shining, a nice feeling for us but not only the friends who leaves there were happy.  So we could eat in the light of the solar bulbs,  thanks our worker, friend and cook shandrine, who cook rice with fish, I know better the man had cooked too, but nobody is perfect.  We let one light on all the night as control.
The next day , the controller show us 12.5 volts,  so good result. We could concentrate the work on the 220 volt circuit.  So the 2 other houses were connected with 220 volts light and socket,  as well the inverter.  As usual the difficulty is in details,  aesthetic and so on.  We took cable channels so we could prevent the so called cable salat. The installation was nearly finished,  but the people ask if we could put light in the kitchen,  which was a little 25m aside. It was not in the contract,  but as this people was very kind and helpful to us,  they help us really in fixing switch cables, and we had some cable left,,we decide to do it.
So at 1100 am we we were finished with the work, after some photos we left this wonderful place with this wonderful people, happy but a little sad too.


Full solar circuit installation.


IMG_20180315_133819119-169x300 However, we spent one night in Douala on our way back in Motel la Parisienne.
group photo after the project

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