On the 11th of April 2018 I visited schools in the Limbe II Sub division. On Tuesday, my first stop was at UNIC Nursery and Primary school Batoke. In this school I talked to the teachers and the headmistress about the programs offered at the Association of Linux Friends. They were very happy about the amount required for students to pay as it is very affordable compared to the other youth empowerment centers.


From UNICS, I moved to Providence Bilingual Nursery and Primary school Batoke. Here I was very welcomed by the headmaster and the staff as they ushered me into the class six hall. The pupils were very excited at the thought of taking part in a computer holiday classes and the teachers as well promised to be there too, during the holidays.

My next stop was at Government School Batoke and Catholic School Batoke respectively. In these institutions, I was granted audience to the class six halls as well to sensitize both the pupils and the teachers about the programs offered in the Association.


Next was Government High School Batoke. I met the Vice Principal who asked the Secretary to take me to the form five and upper sixth classes. Due to the few number of students I met at that time since it was almost closing time I pleaded to be given another day in which I can do a presentation and have more student population which was granted. I was asked to report to the school again on the 26th of April 2018.

Wednesday the 11th of April, I was still in some schools in Limbe II. I started at Governments School Mokundange were I was given a warm reception. After presenting the package the Association of Linux Friends have to offer I could see the excitement on most faces of the class six pupils, even though some complained of distance.

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