There is a total of five students sent out by the Association of Linux friends for internship from April 2018 till present. Each student is required to spend two months in their various places of internship. All the institutions in which the students were sent are in the Limbe, sub division. In the Ministry of Water and Energy, Limbe we have Thompson Ndive and Tafor Joshua .


internsmin2.jpg internsmin1

Computer World. Here in Computer world we also have two students on industrial placement. They are Mbiada Daniel,  Lifongo Kinge. These students too have been here for three weeks.


internscomp2.jpg internscomp1

Office and Communication House. Only one student was sent here for internship by name Verla Beltine.

From my inquiry from their supervisors, it shows the students are really putting up the name of Linux Friends as they show eagerness to learn new things as well as contribute to the various tasks carried out by the various departments they have been placed under.

Asking the students about the difficulties they have faced, they said they have not really faced much difficulties and the little they have encountered was nothing they could not solve.

One of the supervisors advised that students to sent more to documentation centers or institutions which are computer intensive so the students could have much work to do and therefore enhance their knowledge. And another head advised, the students be sent out of the Association with the notion of been job creators and not job seekers.

Also, one of ex students of the Association by name Ngo Denise who now works for the establishment in which she carried out her internship was one of the places I stopped to visit. She was really happy to see a representative from Linux Friends and extended appreciation to the staff and the administration as a whole. Some pictures was taken with her.



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