On going activities of the beginners class 04-05-2018


Our beginners class has been moving on well.


Majority of the students come to class on time and are disciplined to do their work during class. They answer the quiz-es at the end of each course. They also participate in keeping the Association’s environment clean.

Despite all these, we are also faced with some worries as the projector used in the beginners class is bad so classes do not really go as smoothly as they are supposed to go. We are hoping to get a new and better one soon enough so classes can go on as effectively as they are supposed to go.

The graduation for 2018 is scheduled to take place on the 16th of June 2018 at the premise of the Association of Linux Friends. Only eight(8) students would be graduating this year due to the effect of the problem of British Southern Cameroon.

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