Visit to Secondary Schools in Mile 4 by the Association of Linux Friends Limbe, 09-05-2018

Wednesday the 9th of May 2018, a representative of the Association of Linux friends visiting schools in mile 4 Limbe.

 with the assignment to create awareness about Linux Friends and especially because these students will soon be on a 3 months vacation. Therefore it will be good for them to be occupied learning something on technology during this period. Our main target was secondary schools with our target population been form five (5) and the second cycle.


There are mainly three secondary institutions in this area (mile 4). Namely Kings Memorial College Bonadikombo, Renaissance secondary school Bonadikombo and Government High School Bonadikombo.


My first stop was at Kings Memorial College Bonadikombo. Here, I met the principal who was very friendly. After presenting to her the courses offered at the Association, she proposed I take another date to meet the students. We decided Wednesday the 16th of May, 2018 will be more favourable day.


With that I moved on to Renaissance secondary school Bonadikombo. I got the same response from this institution as in Kings Memorial College. The Association will send representatives to the school for a presentation and invitation to study with us during their 3 months vacation.


My last stop was at Government High school Bonadikombo. I was fortunate to meet one of the vice principals of this institution by name Mr Lukong Leonel. He was very impressed about the existence of an empowerment center such as Linux Friends. I was led to the upper sixth class where  i had a small talk with the students and handed them the Association’s flyers. The students are very excited to study with Linux Friends.

With that I made my way back to the Association to give a report on my visits.

IMG_20180509_131638 Mile7

To conclude, I very much appreciate the response of the administrations of the various schools as well as the students. We need more enthusiasts like them to build and empower the youths.

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