Linux Friends on Thursday 17-05-2018

On Thursday , 17-05-2018  a demonstration on solar energy

was carried out at the premises of the Association of Linux Friends.

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This demonstration was done with some assistance from Mr Valentine and Mr Jones. The main aim of this activity was to use solar energy for the Association’s secretariat.

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At about 1:30pm all those who were to take part in the demonstration as well as the students of the Association were present. The items used for the demonstration were four(4) solar panels(with 60Watts each, making a total of 240Watts. This gives us 150volts) two(2) HP printers, a LED bulb, a distributor.

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We started by connecting the four panels. After these panels where connected, the LED bulb was used to check if the energy in the panels is powered. These panels were later connected to the distributor. From the distributor, the printers could be plugged in to the power. The printers could not receive power due to reasons which will be researched on. With this other appliance were used to check that the volt is enough to power the printers. A LED TV,  a laptop, a rechargeable lamp, a phone and an LCD Monitor. All these appliances were powered smoothly by the energy  generated from these panels.

IMG_20180517_141951 IMG_20180517_141851 IMG_20180517_141300 IMG_20180517_141257 IMG_20180517_140902 IMG_20180517_140421

It was speculated by the technicians that, the printers could not be powered because it uses an adapter with and old technology(modern technologies are build in with the ability to convert a DC to and AC depending on the need of the appliance). So for the energy to be able to reach the printer a DC AC inverter will have to be put to convert the energy.

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With this, we would not say our aim was achieved but it will give us another opportunity to do a demonstration in order to solve the problem. And another demonstration will mean a chance to create awareness to the people about the advantages of using solar energy.

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We were joined by three other gentlemen who also gave some contributions to the problem we faced of the printer not been able to receive energy. Another demonstration will be carried out to solve the problem of today in the days ahead.

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