The Google IO Event 01-06-2018, Limbe

The Google IO event was held for the first time in Limbe on June 1st, 2018

by the google developers group Limbe

The Association of linux friends sent four representatives to this event. The program started at 1pm with a welcome word from the head of the google developers group Limbe by name Mr Nchawa Elcid.


We had a motivational speaker who goes by the name of Mr Eugene Blaq. Mr Eugene is the head of the Google Developers Group (GDG) , Buea and is also the developer of Njaka play.code.create.


The main aim of Google Developers Group (GDG) is to share ideas. The GDG also aims at enhancing the existing computer environment and building the dreams of aspiring programmers. The GDG community is free to join.


To continue, our next speaker was Mr Paul Babila the CEO Zixtech Organisation. The speaker presented the services offered by his organisation. These services are E-Marketting, Business Consultancy and so on. Mr Babila also encouraged the young aspiring entrepreneurs to be committed in their work as passion only is not enough.


Next, we had a recap of the Google IO Event USA. In this video the upgraded services of Google were presented. Some of these services included GOOGLE ASSISTANT (helps makes appointments), Google Map, Google Lens. Waymo Self driving cars was also presented. After the wrap with the Recap there was a lunch break.


Next, another speaker by name Mr TANGU Chris presented Virtual Reality (VR), the uses of VR and the various reasons we should start considering using Virtual Reality (VR) Applications. Occulus GO was the first affordable VR gadget.


Many other speakers came up to present on the various opportunities choosing to persue technology can benefit an individual and the community. It was an interesting event and will be a great way to inspire the students of the advance class on the way forward after school.


Some useful links were given at the end of the event.


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