2018 Graduation of Beginner’s Class (16-06-18)

Saturday June 16, 2018  21 students  graduated from the Association of Linux Friends Limbe.

This occasion was graced by the presence of the Chief of Mokindi village and some other dignitaries. The ceremony started at about 1:30 pm due to the bad weather which lasted upto to 5:00pm.

Appointment of members of the high table.



graduation2018-2 graduation2018-3

Graduating students during the occasion


Parents on the graduation ground



Welcome speech from the proprietor of the Association of Linux Friends


We also had a speech from a student from the beginner’s class, talking about their experiences at the Association.



Two traditional dances presented by the graduating students,  Bakweri cultural dance.


graduation2018-7 graduation2018-7




Bayangi cultural dance




There was presentation from the Advance class students on Robotics, nodejs (chat program) and Django(design webpage). The Advance class did a presentation on the hardware and software components of a robot. About the software, they used python a programming language to control the robot and on the other hand,the hardware components these part was bought from the shop like caster wheel, geared DC motors, robot chasis and wheel, breadboard and double-sided tape, male to male jumpers, L93d driver board, IR LEDS and the other part the low cost computer and raspberry pi0 which was taken from the school. This robot was built with the connection of all the hardware components  to produce a car robot. The aim of the students was to create an awareness about the importance and future use of a car robot in the society, to create web and media apps, and built a website and overall to promote the school to move forward. However the advance class has improved this year on Solar Energy installation, Maintenance of  hard well, and Electronics. Presented by the following advance class students Iku Javis, Mbengueh Ferdinanld, Effangeh Henshaw, Shipu Fabian, Vegemteh Shandrine

IMG_20180616_140712 IMG_20180616_140712



Next was ballet presented by the graduating students.



Handing of the certificates to the graduating students



End of ceremony and taking of snapshots.




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