2018 Ongoing holiday Classes at the Association of Linux Friends, Limbe

The ongoing holiday classes of Association of Linux Friends, Limbe is already one (1) month two (2) weeks gone .

This classes began in the month of June and will last till August .The turn out of students have been very impressive, due to the numerous publicity carried out by the school and the positive remarks of ex-students of the Association .

IMG_20180720_140727_578 IMG_20180720_140427_112

IMG_20180720_140418_652 IMG_20180713_130942

Furthermore, We have students coming in not only for the Beginner’s class programs but also for the Advance class and the maintenance class .

IMG_20180720_135602_103 IMG_20180720_135359_184 IMG_20180720_135258_554

In addition, due to the in flux of students, we are now faced with the problem of insufficient monitors, raspberries just to name a few,  to cater for the needs of the students.

IMG_20180713_131623 IMG_20180713_131531 IMG_20180720_140101_164

To add to, we are also faced with the challenge of teaching the very young students and the older ones at the same time. The idea of separating the class into  particular age groups is been considered. But with this idea, we still would be in need of more materials for this classroom for the younger students.

IMG_20180720_140101_164 IMG_20180713_131735 IMG_20180713_131725

On the other hand, the advance class as well as the maintenance holiday classes are going on smoothly. Great progress have been noticed because the students are more time conscious.

 We appreciate our sponsors for their constant efforts towards the growth of the Association Linux  Friends.

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