Internet Installation at the Association of Linux Friends, Limbe by Camtel

On Friday 20th July 2018, Camtel Cameroon visited the Association of Linux Friends

at about 4.00pm. This visit was in respect to the installation of internet connection, to facilitate learning and research of the Students. The Students of Advance Class were witnesses to the realisation of this installation. Unfortunately, the Beginners class students had already closed for the day before the arrival of the Camtel Officials.

IMG-20180720-WA0014 IMG_20180723_160950_612

Two students of the Advance class (Shipu Fabian and Vegemteh Shandrine) were assigned to show the Camtel Officials around the association premise. The advance class was chosen as a suitable site for the Huawei Internet Moderm to be placed. This moderm supports;

  1. ADSL2+ Uplink
  2. Four Ethernet ports downstream Interfaces
  3. Wireless LEEE 802.11b/g/n, speed up to 300mbps
  4. Route Mode and Multi-service interfaces
  5. Advanced Management via HTTP, TR-069
  6. Build-in firewall
  7. IPv4 and IPv6


This unlimited internet connection was receive with alot of excitement by everyone in the Association. Thanks to the efforts of the Proprietor, Mr Pauli Michel and the Administration and staff. We also appreciate the Camtel Officials eventhough it took them six months to come and do the installations. Our Monthly payment for the internet connection will be 35.000frs.


This Internet connection will help the Association to make research on new topics, create new lessons, update old lessons, download softwares for linux installations, send and received emails, update our webpage.


We are so happy for the internet connection, because for more than one year we had a lot of difficulties with interent, at one point it was shut down by the Government, we could not update our pages, make research or even reply to our emails.

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