Materials 2018

Materials donated by Swiss Friends to the Association of Linux Friends. This materials were brought by Pauli Ngainku Chanceline on the 24th July 2018 during her 3weeks in Switzerland. This Journey was possible thanks to the 2018 contribution of the Verein Freunde  of the Foyer Anny Hug and it President Hannes Lindenmeyer, and thanks to the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs Brandenberger giving accomodation to Chanceline. Thanks to the help of  Patrick Baumann from Techshare it was possible to get in time with the materials order through the internet such as 20 raspberry pi zero, 10 raspberry pi3, 5  Pi Camera at a value of  1010 Swiss francs. Patrick in addition offered to donate 250 francs Swiss while Michel Pauli assumed the remaining amount of 750 Swiss Francs

printer beama

Beama and printer form Patrick Baumann(Techshare)

20180726_201337 20180726_201450

Raspberries from Nicklaus with 10 Pi3 and 20 Pi0 with 5 pi cameras

20180726_202415 20180726_202303


4 Power Bank and Multimeter with USB Sticks and Memory cards by the Verein


4 GPS Modules From Thomas Amberg


5volt Switches Form Andreas(REVAMP)



laptop lantop

2 Laptops One from Patrick and One From Doris

wireless switch ras power

1 Measuring tape

meter materi mate caton

1 Soldering Machine and 2 TP-Link

List of all the materials


1 22 raspberry pi zero preinstalled with nobs
2 1 tape
3 10 raspberry pi3
4 4 GPS
5 4 Power bank
6 1, 3D printer controller with display
7 2 network switch 5volt
8 4 memory card two 64GB and two 32GB
9 2 USB wireless for raspberry
10 1 soldering machine and 1 lead
11 1 HP printer
12 1 projector
13 10 USB stick three 8GB and seven 16GB
14 1 USB power meter
15 1 TP-LINK
16 2 Labtop

17.                  5 Pi Camera

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