Summer Classes 2018


The three months vacation was a period of learning

and fun-filled time in the Association of Linux Friends. It was a time of desperation of parents who wanted their Children to learn some new things, since many young people did not have the opportunity to study for 2017 and 2018 academic school year in regular schools due to the political situation in the country. Linux Friends is a place to be because the teachers and staffs are friendly, efficient and ready to help, equally the teachers are effective meaning they are open, encouraging and innovative.

However, the Summer classes will soon be over, the students are 40 in number. From Tuesday 07-08-2018 to Friday 10-10-2018, the holidays class students had an evaluation. This evaluation was on all the courses they had been taught (Libreoffice writer, Libreoffice calc, Libreoffice impress, Scribus, HTML & Typing). It should be noted that the exams is written in a group of four because we have fourteen working place and forty students

To add, the teachers are currently compiling the results  which will be released on the day of closing. Friday the 24th of August, 2018 has been set aside as the day of closing for the holidays class. This date was chosen so the students will have a week to prepare for the next academic year in their different  Regular academic institutions.

Also, there will be an end of holiday class party so that the young boys and girls can share a meal together to foster the spirit of togetherness in the Association of Linux Friends.


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