Wednesday 22-08-18, at the Association of Linux Friends

The advance class of the Association of Linux Friends have been working on a project. This project is to create a school register using Django, inaddition we used Django to note the event, with Django we will have a good database.

IMG_20180822_112050 IMG_20180822_112050 IMG_20180822_112044 IMG_20180822_112023

The first event recorded was the failure of our solar electricity which happened today. The solar battery due to the fact that there have been serious rainfall for the pass three weeks with no sunlight, a DC inverter was used to increase the electrical power of the battery.

IMG_20180822_112007 IMG_20180822_111858 IMG_20180822_111853

Also, the students in the Advance class did a database connect to PHP which was successful. A database was created with informations of all the students of the Beginner’s Class, Advance class, and Maintenance class.

IMG_20180822_111728 IMG_20180822_111720 IMG_20180822_111702

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