End of Holidays Classes 2018

Holidays classes 2018 at the Association of Linux Friends ended today 24-08-2018.  The classes ended with the students sharing their experiences and the good time they had in Linux Friends, fostering the Ubuntu spirit.

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To add,  all the students were smiling after receiving a pen, a ruler, and a pencil as a form of encouragement while hoping that they will all resume schools in the regular schools. 75% of the students perform well during this holiday classes.

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Some of this holiday classes students have been coming for the pass three years for the holiday classes, they are really interested and will love to carry out some courses in the advance class in the next holidays.

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Also, the students were handed their report cards. Next was light refreshment and dancing.

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Even though the holiday classes has officially ended, the students were encouraged to pass by the Association to do research on their subjects in regular schools, since Internet is now in the two English speaking region of Cameroon and Linux Friends has WIFI connections.

20180824_104524 20180824_104450 IMG_20180824_103013 - Copy

In conclusion, the students all left with smiles on their faces. We look forward to make next year’s holidays classes better than this year’s. Our work starts now.


Result of the Holiday Classes.



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