Commencement of 2018-2019 Academic Year

Today, Tuesday 4th September, 2019 classes at the Association of Linux Friends began for the 2018/2019 academic year.

The teachers had a meeting this morning to talk about the shortcomings of the previous academic year and how to correct their mistakes.

More so, they also talked on new strategies to have successful academic year.

To add, the turn out of students this morning was encouraging even with the heavy rain fall and the current state of uncertainty and insecurity in the Anglophone region of the country (Cameroon).

We registered a total of four (4) students in the Beginner’s Class to start the academic year today.

Classes started at about 9:30 am because students came late as a result of the heavy rainfalls. The students were advised to be focused and committed in their studies as we begin the new academic year.

With this talk, classes began. The students were briefed on the general concepts of computer awareness and Writer. Classes ended at about 11:45am.

Exercises on every lesson in the various courses are been revised by the teachers. All this in an effort to make learning more intense this academic year.

The Advance class is a two years program. There are 5 students who have done the 1st year and still have 1 year to complete the program.  Five (5) new students are joining this year making a total of 10 students in the Advance class.

On the other hand, the Maintenance class has  two (2) students to start the academic year.

We look forward to an increasing number of our students.

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