ALF, Limbe this Week (02-05/10/18)

This first week of the month of October has been a fruitful one for the Association of Linux Friends (ALF), Limbe.  The following activities took place at the Association.

On Tuesday October 2nd 2018, the staff of the Association of Linux Friends (ALF), Limbe sat for a meeting. In this meeting, we discussed on a way forward to retaining the trainers of the Association. We will very much appreciate any contribution to solving this problem. This could be through comments under this article or through our email address

The turnover rate of trainers in the Association has been very high. This will be a major objective of the Association of Linux Friends this academic year.

Wednesday October 3rd, we had a presentation on Django, a frame work for building webpages for  example  the school register. Kuh Shandine presented a school register which she designed using the application django.


Inaddition, on Thursday 04-10-18, the students of the advance class did an extension of the solar work station from table one to table two of their class. This means, more work space.

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