Django presentation(09-12/10/18)


Wednesday 10-10-18, we had a presentation from Shipu Fabian a student of the Advanced class. This presentation was on an App he created called To Do List using Django. On this App, the user can write a list of things he/she wishes to do, serving as a reminder. We will have another presentation the following week from another student of this class.




Also, Still on this day, advance class student of the Association went to Buea to meetĀ  with theĀ  organizers of the Silicon Mountain Conference so that they can be included on the list of presenter that will present on both software and hardware.



To add, our intention to be part of this conference is to expose the Advance class students to potential people who are using their technology to produce what they are able to used, for example we used our 3Dprinter to produce raspberry cassing.
IMG_20181010_144837 IMG_20181010_144834IMG_20181010_144837 IMG_20181010_144834 IMG_20181010_143733 IMG_20181010_143712 IMG_20181010_134113IMG_20181010_134113

Above all we want to thank Patrick Bauman for surporting us with the projector we are using now in the Advance class.





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