Advance Class Presentation 26/10/18

26/10/2018 Wednesday presentations.

Here is another presentation from Effangha Henshaw, another student of the Advance class of the Association of Linux Friends. He created  website using PHP. On this site he included pages of media, contact and links to other sites.

Above all our presentations, the Association is going on very very well. Except for the fact that, the photocopier is bad, our monitors are not enough, we hope that the materials from China will arrive soon so we can repair some monitors which are bad.

Note should be taken that we use raspberries or low power computers. Note should also be taken that every week we have a presentation from at least one student of the Advance class.

IMG_20181024_130640 IMG_20181024_130711 IMG_20181024_130715 IMG_20181024_130735 IMG_20181024_130818 IMG_20181024_130912

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