Matthias Baumgartner Course Instructor for Linux Commands 2016


On the  03/05/2016 Matthias  Baumgartner from Switzerland arrive Cameroon for an intensive

course on Linux Command,  the members of the Associaiton of Linux Friends are the beneficiaries. The  aimed of this course is to trained Linux Friends Members as Administrators.

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Day one Mathias Baumgartner gives lectures on the Linux operating systems, file tree.

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Day two

-File tree

-Relative and Absolute path

-Directories and files

-putting commands together

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Day three

-how to fine out disk space

-how to fine out file sizes

-how to fine out folder sizes

-how to use less

-how to use cat

-how to use the man page

Day  Four

-processe and program

-Revision and group work

-Day Five

Exams on the above topics

For the First week, 18 students started the Course and at the end of the Week 14 students wrote the exams

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