We are always interested to have volunteers

Many Volunteer have come already to our Association from Switzerland , these volunteers have contributed alot, Technically.

Dear Volunteers for Linux Friends,  don’t come help until you ask your  your self these few questions.

  1. Would you volunteer if you had no Cameras with you?
  2. Does Linux Friends have the same intentions and Values that you have
  3. Are you going to be doing more harm than good
  4. Would you trust your self enough to do this job in your own country

Volunteering in Linux Friends give you a chance to give back. You’ll feel a sense of pride that you are volunteering  your time, and Linux Friends will benefit, too. If you want to get started volunteering, Contact Swiss Friends at +41795431779 or Email: erika.trepp@bluewin.ch  then decide what you have to offer.

Linux Friends may look exciting, but you should be sure that the project is really making a difference to help our planet. Don’t be afraid to ask Linux Friends  to justify the projects that they run. As a volunteer, you should be able to see how your involvement contributes to the goals of the project and to sustainable development overall.

As a Volunteer, you will have to pay your flight ticket, meanwhile Linux Friends will provide you lodging and feeding.

You will have to signed the rules and regulation form for  your request to be granted as Volunteer.

The rules and Regulation form will be email to you after which we have received your application asking to  volunteer.