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chief of the mokindi village
chief of the wovia village

the island:

the origin of the wovia people

The students of the Association of Linux Friends from Wovia write a short history about their village


The first chief of WOVIA was EKANDE: thefounder/leader of the original indigenes of LIMBE -the WOVIA (BOTA)people. The WOVIA live south of mount cameroon (limbe) and on the GULF OF GUINEA in the FAKO DIVISION of the southwest province of the republic of cameroon. Their territory lies directly west of that of the ISUBU. (BONABILE-BIMBIA). EKANde`s ship washed ashore at MBOKO,the area south westh of mount cameroon,where he married Mboko pricess-EKOLI. EKANDE n EKOLI had many children in avery rapid successions that make up the chieftaincy linage of WOVIA till date.

I should,also be noted that EKANDE was the first PARAMOUNT RULLER of the WOVIA (BOTA) people. EKANDE was succeeded by WOSOKO,as the second chief of WOVIA.Their after, the succession to the throne went from MOLUNGU., EKEMA to MAFUA,who was the fifth chief of WOVIA. The reigne of sixth chief ENGEMISE MAFU and especially that of this predecessor, CHIEF MAFUA, landmark and pivot on which the cheiftaincy stool of the royal family of WOVYA MOLUNGU now rotateds. This led to the recognition of five generic arms or homes;from which heir to the throne can come from, choosen or nominated. CHEIF MAFUA, a poligamist, had five legal children;three sons one legitimate son and two daugthers; who got married to MBONGO EKEMA and LUMA ETEGBE respectily. EYUME MAFUA, his legitimate son,he had through an affair, succession or inheritance: had only one son: IKOVI EYUME: who later left the island and settled in LIMBE,where he made a home, afamily as he was blessed with children,known as WOVYA CHARLY; of whom some are in diasporal today.

RULERS of the WOVIA (BOTA) people

LUMA MAFUA, the last son of CHEIF MAFUA ; had two sons:IKOVI LUMA and DIKANJO LUMA. ESANJA MAFUA also had two son:NDIVA ESANJA and NGOSSO ESANJA. HE was handed,assigned or unherited the customs, culture and tradition.while ENGEMISE MAFUA ;teacher the eldest and most litrate son succeded CHEIF MAFUA as the custodian of the land; and was the most successful of all as he had the nine children seven son and two thaugters; MALUMBE,MBESA,METOMBE,BAU,EWOKO,ETULE,NDEKA LIMUNGA AND LIGOME respectively. when cheif ENGEMISE MAFUA died in 1911 at the dawn of the 20th century; his eldest son MALUNBE MENGEMISE, took over the throne,as the seven cheif of WOVIA while still in BOTA island.

This probably explains , the reason why since 1911 till date i.e the dawn of this third millenium of the 21th century , only the 'WONYA ENGEMISE'have been succeeding the crown or throne . They have become the rightful heir to the chieftaincy stool of WOVIA (see Appendix on movement of chieftanincy linage of WOVIA).When chief Mlumbe M'ENGEMISE (grand father of DIKANJO MALUMBE GEORGE, today ,chief of Wovia ) was weak, old and tired , he handed over the stool to his junior brother's son:

SOMBO MBESA. Unfortunately , CHIEF SOMBO MBESA (1955-1957) who was the son of MBESA ENGEMISE, ruled for two years only and later died due to a protracted illness.The throne was returned to CHIEF MALUMBE since his brothers too have grown old or become of age and their sons were still too young and naive to ascend the throne. Since it was a consensus of opinion CHIEF MALUMB M'ENGEMISE, the elders and king makers ceded the stool to their brother -in-law, an elder of very good will GEORGE LUMA , to hold it for his son , TONY MALUMBE MOSES or any other son of the royal family of 'WONYA ENGEMISE ' that may be found competent .GEORGE LUMA was enthroned in 1957 and gazetted in 1968 as the nineth chief of Vovia

He served and was very instrumental in the transition of the village from the island to the present site , which was land surrendered allocated to the remaining WOVIA people (BOTA ISLANDERS) in Bota island by the government of Cameroon caption:WOVIA NEW RESETTLEMENT in 1958 and called in short WOVIA .While stil in the island he appointed and installed ANDREAS MONYONGO MBONGO as quarter Head of the land .It should be noted that the first person to settle here is ISOKO MBONGO SIMON.

GEORGE LUMA (1957-1982) was a polygamist , as he had three wives:first LIMUNGA LA LONJA MONGE:had two sons and one daughter SOMBO LUMA , MOLINGE(Mondoli girl): had one son ,who later on died.Third IMBOLO LITOMBE REBECCA:Was blessed with seven childrren: five sons and two daughters:MARTIN LUMA, PAUL ETEGBE LUMA, MANFRED SOMBO LUMA, JOSEPH IBOH LUMA, HANNAH EWOLUMA LUMA , NJEI LUMA.

When chief GEORGE LUMA was tired , he handed back the crown as earlier instructed or mentined to TONI MALUMBE MOSES: father of DIKANJO MALUMBE GEORGE:who was naive and for one reason or another was hesitating to assume the throne.The throne almost ended in a statemate. The royal family was unable to choose a befitting heir: MOLELI MO METOMBE son of METOMBE M'ENGEMISE was accused of stealing and considere a thief NDIYA BAU son of Bau engemise was thought of being wicked,NGOSSO MBONGO son of NGOSSO ESANJA,was refused on gounds that he jailed Wovia men who did not pay the poll tax and the others were either at work out of the village , young or not just interested. After retiring from Civil Service MRTIN DIKANJO L'ETULE,SON OF ETULE ENGEMISE, came home and was enthroned , traditional ruler of WOVIA in April 10TH 1982.It was a greate relieve for GEORGE LUMA , who died six years later i.e on may o8,1988. He reigned till December 14th,2006 CHIEF MARTIN DIKANJO DIKANJO L'ETULE, was a centurio i.e lived from (05-01-1907 to 14-12-2006)and ruled from (1982 to 2006) had seven children , five sons and two daughter:NENE.

The designation of a chief in Vovia is cotatory. It is not by hereditary. The norms ,custom and tradition of the Wovia people as well , is to cede the throne to any eligible son ot the royal family of WONYA MOLUNGU and who will be accepted by the WONYA LUNGA , WOSSAMA , that make up the village. This is a resolution of the entire village to clear the air for any wrongful heir that may have an 'eye' on the throne. It is on this basis that the seat was unanimouly cede to Sango Likanea DIKANJO MALUMBE GEORGE: Today sworn in as the (11th)eleventh chief of WOVIA VILLAGE.

The consultative talks on the wovia chieftaincy stool held on wednesday.October 17th 2007 under the auspices of Mr. ITOE PETER MBONGO, DIvisional Officer for Limbe, confirmed the designation of CHIEF DIKANJO MALUMBE GEORGE as the third traditional Ruler of wovia village.He is married and already blessed with four children : Three sons and one daughter:DIKANJO MOLOKWA DERICK, DIKANJO MALUMBE ROBERT,DIKANJO TONI MAXIME,and DIKANJO MBANGO BLONDI respectively.History crystallises for DIKANJO MALUMBE GEORGE.I'm glad for him!

Courtesy of: Tete ALBERT MBENDE EVELLE-EKEMA II Second chief of Bota Land (MAY 05TH 1998-?) Secretary General -limbe Coast chiefs' Conference ( may 1998-?) Member -southwest chiefs' conference(June 1998) Secretary General-WOCCUDA-LIMBE(April 2006-?) Chief of Wovia wo Ndame( NDAME ISLAND)-(APRIL 30TH,2007-?) All rights reserved!!!!!!