Computer and Solar Training Center of Linux Friends(ALF)

Technology For Development.


The Association of Linux Friends is an institute promoting open software computer training programs and offering Linux based computer training for a moderate fee. It is a Cameroon-based organization, founded in 2006, with Ngainku Pauli Chanceline as President and Coordinator. The Association of Linux Friends is recognised with authorisation (No.639/G.37/D.14/1/VOL10/185/BAPP of 27 October 2008) with partners in Switzerland. The head quarter is in Limbe, Cameroon. There is also an Internet section where students do research. So far the Association has recorded many successes such as having good materials to teach, graduated fourteen batches of students, celebrated the International Software Freedom Day since 2007, had seminars and teachings with University students of Dschang, Yaounde I and Campus I University in Douala, had good and qualified trainers such as Ruben Untereger, Andreas, Ngainku Pauli Chanceline and Michel Pauli from Switzerland. Also the Association has for each year more than three visitors from Europe, we have people like Eric who visited and support the school materially and financially, Hanes, Ueili and many others. The Association appreciate all effort and support. We have started the training in Cameroon, we need your support to move on to other countries, to improve the life of Africans, some of them already have computers but can not use them, we need to give them the training.

Our Vision

Our aim is to empower the youths, especially the underprivileged. To instilled in the youths a strong sense of responsibility. We use Linux Operating system which is a free and open source software. Learning in and out of the classroom is the focus of Linux Friends. Linux Friends classes are designed to facilitate continued practice, exploration and growth. Linux Friends provides each student with a manual developed by course technologies. The course manuals are user-friendly and can provide easy reference when needed. Each manual contains documented concepts, hand-on activities, data files and quick tips.