Computer and Solar Training Center of Linux Friends(ALF)

Technology For Development.


Having a scholarship that pays for your education can actually reduce your risk of getting the training you want. By reducing financial concerns, scholarships can help you get better skills and be self employed.The Advance class of Linux Friends have five students for two years scholarship from 2017 to 2019. Moreso, the second group of five students is from 2018 to 2020.

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Feube Daneil
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Shipu Fabian
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Vegemteh Shandrine
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Efangah Henshaw
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Iku Jarvis
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Chaufack Christelle
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Toabe Blandine
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Alvu syveline
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Akama Robertine

2017 - 2019 SCHOLARS

  1. Kuh Vegemteh Shandrine
  2. Iku Javis
  3. Efanga Henshaw
  4. Shipu Fabian
  5. Ferdinand Mbenguh

2018 - 2020 SCHOLARS

  1. Teufack Christelle
  2. Mbiada Feuba Daniel
  3. Alvu Sylveline
  4. Akama Robertine
  5. Toabe Blandine