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In November 2015 a group of Swiss friends decided to form the Association “Verein zur Unterstützung der Linux Friends Limbe (Verein Swiss Friends)”. The purpose of the Verein Swiss Friends is to do fundraising in favor of the projects of Linux Friends Limbe and to organize technical support. We are pleased to regularly welcome visitors from Europe. So we had the visit of Veronika Schneider, Lucius Bachman, Simon, Angela Botros Amira, Peter Schneider, Eric Meier-R, Matthias Baumgartner Christian, Weidmann Johannes Viktor, Eva Hajnoczky, Ruben Unteregger, Ueli, Hannes Weidmann, Hersche Niklaus, to name a few. All these friends supported the school both materially and financially and gave us moral encouragement. Moreover, the Association received substantial financial support from the Freunde of Foyer Anny Hug, from the Provitreff Group, Veronika Schneider, Mrs. Susanna Züst and Idi Häberli. At this point we also want to give thanks to our long-standing donators Iris Vollenweider, Hansjörg Bhend and Peter Schneider as well as to our faithful supporter Patrick Baumann from techshare. We have space but need good equipment to conduct specialized presentations or classes.

That not withstanding, we have some people who besides their moral and financial support have also supported us through their services as volunteers. This includes Angela Botros (she taught HTML and Solar calculations for 6 months), Matthias Baumgartner (He taught Linux Commands for one month), Lucius Bachman (He taught Odoo and Programming with Git for 4months). We will like to receive more IT volunteers who are willing to share their knowledge with us for the growth of this project and for the betterment of our environment. We like to work with volouteers having specific knowledge in the IT or solar domain and/or other fields of interest to our project.