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Aims at Linux Friends this Week (26-02-2020)

Linux Friends and AIMS continue to met every wednesday as from 2:00pm to 5:00pm , to work on the Robotics and Security camera projects. The Robot team succeeded to solve the obstacle problem of the robot, meaning that when the robot mets an obstacle it can move to the right or to the left then forward. Our friends from AIMS have difficulties because they do not have the physical robot to do their testing so they have to install webot, which will enable them to test their code virtually before our next meeting.

Linux Friends has given to AIMS a Raspberry Pi3 which works like the security camera server, and Raspberry Pi0 which works like the client, AIMS is expected to carry on their test on these machines. Last week AIMS failed to carry on the test, reasons being that they were so busy. We tested the code to display videos and images to show AIMS how it works. Next week, the camera group will test the code to stream and record at the same time