Computer and Solar Training Center of Linux Friends(ALF)

Technology For Development.

ALF Sharing knowledge with AIMS

The Association of Linux Friends(ALF) arrived the African Institude of Mathematical Science (AIMS) at exactly 2:32pm, we were comed by Madam Nathalie who is a teacher AIMS. At AIMS, we were privilege to meet with different students from different parts of Africa most especially Togo and Kenya. Firstly there was self introduction.

The proprietor of Linux Friends gave a vivid explanation of what Linux Friends is all about, aims and Objectives. The Association of Linux Friends had two presentations, the first on security camera and the second on robotic. Vegemtah Sandrine began by presenting security camera where she used the Pi machine and she explained that the camera can only do live streaming but cannot capture images and store which is a challenge that needs to be worked upon.

Robotic was the next presentation done by madam Rachel where she gave the definition of robotic and gave the commands for the robotic to move forward, backward, make a circle and halts when it sees an obstacle. It was indeed a wonderful presentation as the students of AIMS were amaze. There was a question as to if there is any alternative road that if the robot meets a challenge, it can deviate rather than just standing at one point. Another question was asked on how much time does the machine react to the command given after the presentation.

AIMS wish to join Linux friends to exchange ideas and learn more about camera and robotics. Aims is very good in theory while Linux Friends is very good in Practicals, so the idea of software and hardware in programming is so good. The two institutions will meet every wednesday to work together inorder to achieve some goals in a very short time. The presentations closed at 3:13pm and we all retire home safely.