Computer and Solar Training Center of Linux Friends(ALF)

Technology For Development.

Linux Friends this Week 09 Dec 2019 to 14 Dec 2019

Linux Friends wishes to say thanks to REVAMP-IT for the Laptops that were given to us. These laptops are used daily by the students of the Advance Class. The laptops are very helpful especially on Wednesdays when we meet with the students of AIMS to work on Robotics and Security Camera project.

We also wish to say a special thank you to Patrick Baumann who has been supporting us for many years with materials such as Motherboards, Raspberries machines, Sporting materials. You can see it in the uniform dressing of the students.

AIMS is a very big institution in terms of infrastructure, status and others as compared to Linux Friends. We are happy to be working with them on the above mentioned projects.

The Association of Linux Friends needs more learning materials like Projectors, teaching boards, tables and chairs for both students and staff. Any assistance to the Association to better our learning environment will be of great help and will be highly appreciated.