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Visitors From African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) 03-04-2019

Today Wednesday 03-04-19(ALF) Limbe was graced with the visitors from AIMS Limbe They were 2 staff and 6 students making a total of eight people. These visitors were shown around the school by Kah Rachel. She started from the Maintenance class, were Fongwe Lucien made a presention on 3D printer. Furthrmore, we move on to the Beginners class where the students were writing their exams in preparation for a two months internship and then to the the Advance class were we had presentations from the Advance class students on Camera and Radio by Teufack Christelle, Docker by Toabe Blandine, Solar Energy by Daniel Feuba, Mesh routing and Solar installation in Kampo by Kuh Shandrine. At the end of these presentations we had some questions from our visitors who were very impressed on the work done by the students of the Advanced class. however, questions such as what role does python play in a security camera, second question was ask if we can install security camera in private home they also asked if we could develope a brand and secure our work. Pelerine one of the visitors will be coming to Linux Friends to find out what it takes for her to have a security camera in her home. The visit ended at about 4:30pm with the two parties sharing their gratitudes for the meeting.

Aims visit in Pictures