Computer and Solar Training Center of Linux Friends(ALF)

Technology For Development.


On Friday 24-07-2020, the Linux Friends team made up of Pauli Chanceline, Kah Rachel, Michel Pauli and Pamela Bridinelle left Limbe for Bagante for a Solar installation of 4 Monitors and 4 Raspberry computers. The owner of this project by name Samo Robert intends to open a computer center in Bagante with the Linux Operating System.

Upon arrival of the Linux Friends Team, there was a group of 10 people waiting. The Team started with a presentation of Linux System and how it works.

On that note, Linux Friends carried out the installation of 1 solar panel, 1 battery, 1 controller, 4 monitors, 4 raspberries & 1 raspberry webapps with an access point.

Notwithstanding, Linux Friends faced alot of difficulties while travelling to bagante, however, the team arrived bagante the next day.

Linux Friends had trained Feuba Daniel, Nkwain Lilian Nabang and Pamela Bridinelle on the Linux Operating system. These three students will be incharge of the newly created center in bagante. Note should be taken that the three students were sent to Linux Friends Limbe by Samo RObert to study the Linux System so that the can run the center in Bagante