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Borehole Water Project at Linux Friends

The Association of Linux Friends has a borehole machine, with the help of this machine, Linux Friends now has very good drinkable water. However inhabitance of this neighborhood, come to profit from this water source. It should be noted that, for the pass one year and three months, Linux Friends has surfered from water crisis. But with the support of some Swiss Friends, Linux Friends could buy the drill machine to drill it own water source and for others as a source of income to Linux FRIENDS.

However, The borehole is drilled and for the pass one month now, we have been using water from this borehole. Moreso, we are able to give out water everyday to our neighborhood.

Beside, the reasons for buying the machine was to reduce the cost of drilling our borehole and to drill for other which will be a source of income to linux friends. Notwithstanding, the project has not been completed because some materials need to be bought to concretize the water supply. We need materials such as the borehole water pump, a 5, 000liters container to store water and also we need to build a stand where the container will be placed.

Inaddition, water is given out 3 hours everydday to keep the borehole water clean and good for drinking.