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Linux Friends Docker Event (07-03-2020)

Today Saturday 07-03-2020, Linux Friends hosted a one day Docker Event which ran from 11:00am to 3:30pm. Linux Friends has been a regular participant of Docker Events hosted in Buea, and this time decided to host.

In addition, the main aim of this event was to show case some of the containers of the technology. Eight (8) persons were present, Some came from Buea, Douala and Limbe.

The program started with an opening prayer by Kah Rachel, followed by a talk from Mr Pauli Michel. He talked on the new technology Docker. Also, Taobe Blandine a student from the Advance Class gave a brief explanation on Docker. Another student talked on Raspberrypies.

Moreso, Mr Fonkeng Rocard from the Docker Community of Buea was one of the people who presented. Mr. Fonkeng Rocard demontrated how to use Docker.

Conclusively, there was room for questions. The questions asked were explained by Mr. Pauli and Mr. Fonkeng. The event ended at about 3: 30pm.