Computer and Solar Training Center of Linux Friends(ALF)

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Government Technical High School (G.T.H.S)Limbe Students on Internship at Linux Friends (March 30 to April 23 2021)

The Uppersixth and form five students of G.T.H.S Limbe are in Linux Friends for internship. The goal is to prepare them practically for the up coming national exams for the academic year 2020/2021.

The expected skills to be acquired are Spreadsheet or calc, OpenOffice base, customer services, filling of vouchers and invoices, computer aided and accounting software programs, photocopying, bininding, and all of office work.

Our aim is to provide these students with an opportunity to develop understanding of the basic operations of a computer system and computer application softwares. Meanwhile, they also develop the skill of using computer application softwares for solving problems.