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Holiday Classes at the Association of Linux Friends(June-August 2019)

Holiday classes at the Association of Linux friends this year 2019, started in June and ended today August 10, 2019 with a holidays class party. During this period we focused on courses like Internet, LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Writer and Computer awareness. This year we had a total of 25 students for the holidays class. The ages of the students ranged from 10 to 25 years old. Also, the students who came for the holidays, classes were from regular schools, but due to the socio-political situation many schools were not operational 100%.

Moreso, we had a presentation from, a holiday classes student who gave a summary of what she and her classmates have learnt, while at the Association of Linux Friends. A meal was shared between the students, their parents and the teachers and report cards handed to the students. At this point, the students were encouraged to come back next summer holidays, to improve more on their knowledge on computers. Besides they were also encouraged to, pass by Linux Friends to obtained help in informatics if ever they start back in their regular schools and have problems with their assignment on informatics.

Holiday classes activities in Pictures