Computer and Solar Training Center of Linux Friends(ALF)

Technology For Development.


Five students of the Association of Linux friends were sent for internship from September 2018 and October 2018. Each of these students is required to spend two months in their various places of internship. Inaddition, Four of these students was sent to institutions based here in Limbe, while one of them was sent to Buea. The student in Buea could not do her internship because of the crisis. In Limbe Office and Communication House, we have Lydia Nasare . In Computer world we also have two students on industrial placement. They are Toabe Blandine and Akem Sharma. At SOMA Enterprise there is another student by name Alvu Sylveline. Conclusively, it should be noted that internship this year can only be done in Limbe. This is due to the current political situation in the country. The students were happy for the visit they received from the school. But however, they complained on facing difficulties in transporting themselves due to increase in transport fair as a result of the crisis.