Computer and Solar Training Center of Linux Friends(ALF)

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The team from the Association of Linux Friends left Limbe on Sunday 6: 15am for Kribi. Kribi is a town in the South Region of Cameroon. This visit was in respect to the request from Pasteur Nyom Medard Blaise, of Congregation Baptiste Camerounaise, president and founder of MOGAD T-P, who wishes to partner with the Association of Linux Friends in creating a school in Kribi, identical to our present learning system. The Linux Friends team made up of five persons, arrived Kribi at about 11: 30am. We were received by our host who took us to the site where the main school structure will be constructed. It is located 100m from the main road. We were then taken to the site of his church.

Moving on, we were ushered by our host to a restaurant where the meeting was held. After much discussions we arrived at the following conclusions;

Conclusively, Linux Friends team left Kribi at about 4: 00pm and arrived Limbe by 9: 00pm.