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AIMS Returns ALF's Visit

The African Institute for Mathematical Science visited Linux Friends yesterday, Wednesday 20/11/2019. This visit was in respect to the Camera and Robotic project both teams are working on.

AIMS arrived Linux Friends at about 2:15pm and they were directed to the new Advance class. After everyone was settled, Kuh Shandrine read a report on the previous meeting which was in AIMS. From there, the team was divided into two groups which are the Camera group and the Robotics group.

Furthermore, each group had to talk on how they can develop the coding of their projects. The Robotics group talked on how to code the robot to avoid an obstacle and change direction automatically and how to program this robot to move on a drawn line.

On the other hand, the Camera group talked on programing the camera to record images and safe on a gmail account. After much exchange of ideas, it concluded that the next meeting will be at AIMS.