Computer and Solar Training Center of Linux Friends(ALF)

Technology For Development.

Meeting with aims Wednesday the 27-11-2019

The meeting started at 2:00pm. Those who represented Linux Friends included, Agbor Votrice, Feuba Daniel, Akama Robertine, Toabe Blandine, Teufack Christelle, Nsemoh Desmond, Iku Javis, Kah Rachel, Chanceline and Michel Pauli. The Purpose of the meeting is to develop two project from python programing. This projects include Robotics and Building of a remote Surveillance Camera using motionEyeOS & Raspberry Pi . It should be noted that Linux Friends has been working on this project for the pass two years but there is need to work together with other organizations to build up this projects.

During this meeting the lecturer (Mr Cyrille) of AIMS was teaching while the tutors moved round to see that we all were at the same level of understanding. It is important to note that AIMS also uses the Linux Operating system for the training, one of their activities is to give back just Like Linux Friends. However, we had revision on the following topics, Int, String, Float, Baleon, Turple, Set, List, Complex and Dictionary. The meeting ended at 4:00pm with picture sessions.