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Thursday 20/09/2019 was an exciting day at the Association of Linux Friends (ALF), Limbe. This was due to the fact that a microscope was built by the students of the Advance Class guided by Mr. Pauli Michel. Mr. Pauli received a package from the USA in which were components to build a small microscope for public use. In this package we had a camera, a small touch light, some screws,2 rubber bands, pre-designed cardboard paper e.t.c. The first step in building this microscope is to install a program called cheese. This program enables you to record and take a picture of the result of the microscope lens. Next, we build the microscope following the steps as we saw on google that is, you can google search how to build a public microscope and follow the steps. The idea behind the building of this kind of microscope is to facilitate public use of it. We at the association can use this microscope to do souldering, since the cables are usually very small. At the end of the construction of our microscope, we did some tests with a hair, saliva and a leave. It was quite fascinating as we watched the image on a laptop.