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The Solar team of the Advance class of the Association of Linux Friends on Tuesday 08/12/2020 left Limbe for Muyuka, for a solar installation project of 10 bulbs. The team arrived Muyuka at 2:30pm. Upon arrival of the Solar team, they were welcomed by 5 persons who were waiting. On that note, the team started work immediately.

Firstly, they had to do a survey on the roof of the house, to determine where the solar panel will be mounted.

Next, they installed the Solar Controller on the wall connecting it to the battery and then to the solar panel on the roof. However, we did our calculations for the solar panel to power 10 bulbs of 7watts each in a house of 3 bed rooms, a parlor, a dinning, kitchen and 4 security lights which will run 12hours daily.

The Solar team faced a lot of difficulty, so the installation could not be completed in one day. Consequently they had to pass the night in Muyuka and continue to work the next day. Notwithstanding the installation was a total success and the team returned safely to Limbe.

Contact us for your solar installations be it solar bulbs, borehole pumps, computers, phone charging stations and so on.

List of Materials

    1 Solar Panel of 200watts
    1 Lead Gel Battery
    1 Solar controller of 30Amp
    2 Rows of 2.5 copper cables