Computer and Solar Training Center of Linux Friends(ALF)

Technology For Development.

Names and Position Held Of Team Members

Name Position HeldPhone NumberEmail
Northern Lights
Pauli Michel Raymond
Northern Lights
Ngainku Pauli Chanceline
Cordinator 678 807
Northern Lights
Kah Rachel Ndum
Advance Class Trainer698 919
Northern Lights
Asama Marceline
Beginner Class Trainer654 383
Northern Lights
Linda Bella
Beginner Class Trainer673 044 944
Northern Lights
Enanga Toni Ann
Beginner Class Trainer650 428
Elone Markus Beginner Class Trainer
Northern Lights
Fongwe Lucien
Maintenance Class Trainer654 785 411

The growth of Linux Friends has also been as a result of the participation and commitment of the team members.