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A Two Days Workshop with the Advance class of Linux Friends

Saturday 10/11/18,

In Day two the advance class assemble the parabolic anthena from scratch. Next, was a lecture from Mr. YOUMBI and Mr. PAULI on Mesh Network. Then we moved to the practical part of the day. Three routers were installed around the community with a distance of approximately 1km to demonstrate how the Mesh Network works. We also learned to build a repeater. At the end of the workshop, the three groups formed (Linux Friends1, LinuxFriends2 and LinuxFriends3) wrote a report on their experience during the workshop. Each participant did a short video on their personal impression of the things they have learned. The future goals is to build a web radio, web tv, and a numerical bookshop. The Association of Linux Friends express their appreciation to Mr. YOUMBI for the gift of Two Anthenas received and for taking out time to share with us his knowledge in WIFI connection. Friday 09/11/2018, the Assocation of Linux Friends Limbe was graced with the presence of Mr. Josselen YOUMBI a Wireless network Engineer. Mr. YOUMBI was invited to the Association by Mr. Pauli Michel for a two days workshop on WiFi extension. This workshop started today Friday 09/11/18 at about 8:35am. The students of the Advance class and the teachers of the Association were all part of this workshop. We had introduction of all the members partaking in the workshop. Next, the workshop began with the details as follows. There are three main Architectures in WiFi which are , Each Architecture is chosen according to the distance to which you wish to extend the WiFi connection. Also, materials for the WiFi are bought according to whether you want to extend the connection Indoor or Outdoor. A 5 minutes break was given for us to rest before we continue with the practical part of the exercise. In addition, after our 5 mins break we started with Configuring three different routers (TP Link, Nano Network and the LINKSYS). The TP Link and LINKSYS routers are indoor routers while Nano Network is the outdoor router. We had another break of an hour.